Scayan is the first offer for holistic Corporate Health in Corporations. With measurable effects.
Certified by the GPeV.


Scayan does Next Level BGM as-a-Service. Focusing on Orientation, Motivation, Effect.

As a corporation for your team you’ll get a Full-Service-Package  consisting of: empowerment, support for implementation in everyday life and measurement of the effect.

So that your team has more energy, is more resilient and can accomplish more more easily. About what you want to do in life: professionally and personally.

Dr. Axel Endriss, Founder & CEO of Scayan
Ben Rünger, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer

„With Scayan everyone gets their whole life.  And that means better health literacy for life.  This means a compass whose needle always points pro health. However it is up to each individual to decide which path best suits their everyday life. Scayan is the service provider and continuos companion for companies: from empowerment and motivation to measuring the impact.“

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In 30 Minutes you will know, what effects Scayan achieves for people and corporations.



Promoting health literacy.

Interaction and focus on essential factors of nutrition, exercise, and relaxation.

Scayan-Compass according to the Pareto Principle.



Activate your own motivation.

Easy, successful implementation in everyday life. 




Define the starting point.

Measure the development and  achievements permanently.

With the Scayan „5-Star Checkup“.


The Happy Cells platform

Health is when the cells are happy. Scayan ensures this with its holistic offering of empowerment, intrinsic motivation and measurable impact. With access to personal Scayan-experts and digital services for every participant. More about our product >

You want to invest in your „Asset Health“ .
Where do you see your needs?

Promoting performance
Appreciation to the team
Strategic framework for WHM activities
Improve impact management
The measurable Impact: this is what companies and their employees achieve with Scayan. Learn more about the results >
Scayan’s scientific basis is based on the current state of research. Learn more about the operating principles of Scayan >

Mehr über Scayan

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The team behind Scayan

Dr. Axel Endriss
Founder & CEO

Ben Rünger
Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Dr. rer. nat. Dieter Möller
Senior Adviser & Chair of the scientific advisory board